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978-0-5212-8172-0The Iliad :a commentary .v.2,books 5-8X/I545.072/ILI/V.2中心馆5楼
978-0-198-14003-0 historical commentary on   Thucydides.X/K125/GAW/V.2中心馆5楼
978-0-195-33327-5A commentary on Demosthenes's   Philippic I :with rhetorical analyses of Philippics II and III 中心馆5楼
978-0-198-14956-9A commentary on Herodotus books I-IVX/K095.45/AD中心馆5楼
978-0-198-72139-0A commentary on Herodotus with introduction and appendixes.X/K12/HWW/V.2中心馆5楼
978-0-198-14747-3A Commentary on Homer's Odyssey.X/I545.072/CHO/V.中心馆5楼
978-0-198-72144-4A Commentary on Homer's Odyssey.X/I545.072/CHO/V.中心馆5楼
978-0-198-14953-8A Commentary on Homer's Odyssey.X/I545.072/CHO/V.中心馆5楼
978-3-110-20385-1A commentary on Lucan De bello civili IV :introduction, edition and   translationX/I546.072/AP中心馆5楼
978-0-199-60631-3A commentary on Martial Epigrams book 9 X/I106.2/HC中心馆5楼
978-3-110-16124-3A commentary on Pindar Nemean nineX/I545.072/BBKc中心馆5楼
9783515080927A commentary on Pindar Olympian nineX/I545.072/GDE中心馆5楼
978-9-00-425857-0A commentary on selected speeches of Isaios X/D954.59/GWB中心馆5楼
978-3-110-10328-1A commentary on the fourth Pythian ode of Pindar X/I545.072/BBK中心馆5楼
978-0-199-59463-4A commentary on ThucydidesX/K125/HS/V中心馆5楼
9781444339239A companion to Greek and Roman historiography X/K12/CGR中心馆5楼
9780521870689A Greek army on the march :soldiers and survival in Xenophon's   Anabasis X/K125/LJW中心馆5楼
978-0-198-15239-2A historical commentary on Diodorus Siculus, Book 15X/K095.45/SPJ中心馆5楼
978-0-198-14198-3A historical commentary on Thucydides.X/K125/GAW/V.2中心馆5楼
978-1-405-16071-1A history of ancient EgyptX/K411.2/VMM中心馆5楼
9780521853293A history of the Jewish War, AD 66-74X/K382.2/MS中心馆5楼
9781108083195A history of the later Roman empire :from Arcadius to Irene (395 A.D. to   800 A.D.).X/K13/BJB中心馆5楼
9780806143088A lexicon of the Homeric dialectXR/H791.06/CRJ(2)中心馆5楼
9780521468442A narratological commentary on the OdysseyX/I545.072/JIJ中心馆5楼
978-0-5211-9361-0A philosophy reader from the circle of MiskawayhX/B96/PRC中心馆5楼
978-0-199-20355-0A referential commentary and lexicon to Iliad VIII X/I545.072/KAR中心馆5楼
978-0-5216-0434-5Aetna X/I106.2/AET中心馆5楼
978-1-107-67671-8Ajax X/I545.073/SOPa(2)中心馆5楼
9780521189606Alexis, the fragments :a commentaryX/I545.073/AWG中心馆5楼
978-0-7156-1772-4All the Greek verbsX/H791.3/MN中心馆5楼
978-0-199-10205-1An elementary Latin dictionaryXR/H771.6/LCT中心馆5楼
978-0-5210-3412-8An historical commentary on the "Hellenica Oxyrhynchia" X/K125/BIA中心馆5楼
9780521092371An idiom book of New Testament GreekX/B971.2/MCF-2中心馆5楼
9781107130739Ancient Antioch :from the Seleucid Era to the Islamic conquestX/K883.74/DGA中心馆5楼
9781107130739Ancient Antioch :from the Seleucid Era to the Islamic conquestX/K883.74/DGA中心馆5楼
978-0-85668-267-4Antigone X/I545.732/SOPB中心馆5楼
978-3-110-30873-0Approaching the ancient artifact :representation, narrative, and function   : a Festschrift in honor of H. Alan ShapiroX/J0-05/AAA中心馆5楼
978-0-5211-2421-8Ars amatoria.Book 3X/I546.22/OVIa/V.3中心馆5楼
9780292721692Assyrian palace sculptures X/K883.709.3/CP中心馆5楼
9780691015927Athenian economy and society :a banking perspective X/F835.459/CEE中心馆5楼
9781782978565Autopsy in Athens :recent archaeological research on Athens and AtticaX/K885.452/AA中心馆5楼
978-1-85399-634-4Basic Greek vocabulary X/H791.1/CJR中心馆5楼
978-0-5210-3554-5Bion of Smyrna :the fragments and the AdonisX/I545.2/BIO中心馆5楼
978-9-00-417840-3Brill's companion to HesiodX/I545.072/BCH中心馆5楼
978-9-00-410963-6Brill's companion to the study of Greek comedyX/I545.073/BCS中心馆5楼
978-9-00-413683-0Brill's companion to ThucydidesX/K125/BCT中心馆5楼
9780521119993Callimachus :the fifth hymnX/I545.072/CAL中心馆5楼
9789088903113Carthage :fact and myth X/K884.148/CAR中心馆5楼
978-0-5216-0704-9Cato Maior de senectuteX/B502.42/CMTs中心馆5楼
9788323339014Cereals of antiquity and early Byzantine times : wheat and barley in   medical sources(second to seventh centuries AD)X/R-095/KM中心馆5楼
9780742515253Choruses of young women in ancient Greece :their morphology, religious   role, and social functions X/J609.545/CC(2)中心馆5楼
9780521481748Cicero :pro P. Svlla oratioX/I545.62/CMT中心馆5楼
978-0-5216-0698-1Cicero:Epistulae ad familiares .v.1,62-47 B.C. X/B502.42/CMTef/V.1中心馆5楼
978-0-5216-0689-9Cicero's Letters to Atticus .v. 4, 49 B.C.X/K835.467/CMTc/V.4中心馆5楼
978-0-5216-0692-9Cicero's Letters to Atticus .v. 4, 49 B.C.X/K835.467/CMTc/V.4中心馆5楼
978-0-5216-0699-8Ciris :a poem attributed to Vergil X/I546.072/CIR中心馆5楼
9781242870705Classical Era Greek Historians, Including: Herodotus, Thucydides,   Xenophon, Ctesias, Ephorus, Theopompus, Cratippus of Athens, Philistus,   Antiochus of Syracuse, Duris of Samos, Eudemus of Rhodes, Dinon, Aethlius   (Writer) ,Heracleides of CymeX/K125/HB中心馆5楼
9780521456784Classical Greece :ancient histories and modern archaeologiesX/K885.45/CG中心馆5楼
978-9-00-408535-0Commentaries on Pindar.X/I545.072/VWJ/V.2中心馆5楼
978-1-85399-742-6Ctesias :on India and fragments of his minor worksX/K935.19/CTE中心馆5楼
978-0-5211-0118-9De aquaeductu urbis RomaeX/TU991-095.46/FSJ中心馆5楼
978-0-5216-0930-2De raptu Proserpinae X/I546.22/CC中心馆5楼
978-0-5218-8523-2Decimus Laberius :the fragments X/I546.12/LD中心馆5楼
978-9-00-411303-9Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker (F Gr Hist) .v.4A:f3,Biography   and antiquarian literature. A. Biography, fasc. 3. Hermippos of Smyrna / by   Jan BollanseeX/K545/JF/V.4A:f3中心馆5楼
9780292712775Diodorus Siculus, books 11-12.37.1 :Greek history 480-431 B.C., the   alternative version X/K125/DIO/V.11-12.37.1中心馆5楼
978-3-5151-0629-0Divination in the ancient world :religious options and the   individual X/B99-532/DA中心馆5楼
9780415486712Early Greek states beyond the polis X/K545.0/MC中心馆5楼
978-9-00-422597-8Encyclopedia of Ancient Greek language and linguisticsXR/H791.16/EAG/V.中心馆5楼
9781421412115Environmental problems of the Greeks and Romans :ecology in the ancient   mediterraneanX/Q988/HJD-2中心馆5楼
978-0-5216-0700-1Epistulae ad Quintum fratrem et M. Brutum X/B502.42/CMTf中心馆5楼
978-9-00-416797-1Etymological dictionary of Latin and the other Italic languages XR/H771.6/VMA中心馆5楼
9780521604246Euripides :Phaethon X/I545.062/EUR中心馆5楼
978-1-108-01118-1Euripides :with an English commentaryX/I545.32/EURG/V.中心馆5楼
978-3-110-16348-3Euripides · Philoktet :Testimonien und FragmenteX/I545.32/EURep中心馆5楼
978-9-00-407511-5Euripides' Kresphontes and Archelaos :introduction, text, and   commentary X/I545.073/HA中心馆5楼
9780788506123Euripides:Hecuba: introduction, text, and commentaryX/I545.32/EURp中心馆5楼
9780521349239Events and their afterlife :the dialectics of Christian typology in the   Bible and DanteX/B971/CAC中心馆5楼
978-1-84217-485-2Exchange networks and local transformations :interaction and local change   in Europe and the Mediterranean from the bronze age to the iron age X/K502/ENL中心馆5楼
9780472114245Fame, money, and power :the rise of Peisistratos and   "democratic" tyranny at AthensX/K835.457/LBM中心馆5楼
978-3-6439-0528-4Features of common sense geography :implicit knowledge structures in   ancient geographical textsX/P531/FCS中心馆5楼
978-3-161-52859-0Forbidden oracles? :the Gospel of the Lots of MaryX/B971/LA中心馆5楼
978-9-04-292723-0From Eurasia to Europe :Crete and the Aegean world in the Bronze and   Early Iron Ages (3rd-early 1st millennia BC)X/K885.45/AYV中心馆5楼
9780806142586From republic to empire :rhetoric, religion, and power in the visual   culture of ancient RomeX/J110.93/PJ中心馆5楼
978-0-5210-6377-7Further Greek epigrams :epigrams before A.D. 50 from the Greek anthology   and other sources, not included in Hellenistic epigrams or The garland of   PhilipX/I545.07/FGE中心馆5楼
978-0-5216-0713-1Galen :on antecedent causesX中心馆5楼
9780521622509Galen :on antecedent causesX中心馆5楼
9780199225019Greek historiansX/K095.45/MJ中心馆5楼
9780715612842Greek prose composition for schoolsX/H791.34/NMA中心馆5楼
978-1-85399-526-2Greek prose styleX/H791/DJDg中心馆5楼
978-0-6743-6281-9Greek religion X/B928.545/BW中心馆5楼
978-1-85399-604-7Greek word orderX/H791/DKJ中心馆5楼
9781107451759he Hellenistic WorldUsing Coins as Sources
978-0-197-22309-3he Seven Psalms :a commentary on the Penitential Psalms X/B971.1/SP中心馆5楼
978-3-03-430851-9Hellenic whispers :modes of Greek literary influence in   seventeenth-century French dramaX/I565.073/PS中心馆5楼
978-0-199-67286-8Herodotea :studies on the text of HerodotusX/K095.45/HER中心馆5楼
978-0-199-56070-7Herodoti Historiae.X/K125/HER(2)/V.1中心馆5楼
978-0-199-56071-4Herodoti Historiae.X/K125/HER(2)/V.1中心馆5楼
9783598714030Herodoti Historiae.X/K125/HERe/V.1中心馆5楼
978-3-5987-1404-7Herodoti Historiae. v. 2. Libros V-IX continens ; indicibus criticis   adiectisX/K125/HER(3)/V.2中心馆5楼
978-0-199-57599-2Herodotus :a very short introduction X/K095.45/RJT中心馆5楼
9781108009683Herodotus :the seventh, eighth, and ninth books:with   introduction,text,apparatus,commentary,appendices,indices,maps.@nv.1,part 1X/K125/HERh/V.1:1中心馆5楼
978-0-199-58757-5Herodotus. Vol. 2,Herodotus and the worldX/K545/HER/V.2中心馆5楼
978-0-85668-396-1History IIX/K125/THUI/V.2中心馆5楼
9780806108285Homeric vocabularies :Greek and English word-lists for the study of   Homer XR/I545.072-61/OWB中心馆5楼
978-0-199-20770-1Horace :Odes and Epodes X/I546.072/HORL中心馆5楼
978-0-199-20354-3Horace :satires and epistlesX/I546.072/HORK中心馆5楼
978-1-7829-7974-6Hunters, fishers and foragers in Wales :towards a social narrative of   Mesolithic lifewaysX/K561.2/LM中心馆5楼
9780521265973Hymn to Demeter X/I545.072/CALc中心馆5楼
978-3-161-51993-2Jewish and Christian cosmogony in late antiquityX/B929-532/JCC中心馆5楼
978-1-5851-0010-1L.A. Wilding's Greek for beginnersX/H791.34/WLA中心馆5楼
9781107139091Landscape, nature, and the sacred in ByzantiumX/K134/DDV中心馆5楼
978-0-199-57672-2Latin panegyric X/I546.062/LP中心馆5楼
978-3-110-02562-0Lexicon to PindarX/H791.3/LP中心馆5楼
978-1-7829-7253-2Life in the limes :studies of the people and objects of the Roman   frontiers presented to Lindsay Allason-Jones on the occasion of her birthday   and retirementX/K885.61/LL中心馆5楼
978-0-5213-7742-3Literacy and orality in ancient GreeceX/H791.1/TR中心馆5楼
9780521886819Lives of eminent philosophersX/B12/DL中心馆5楼
978-0-199-57670-8Lykophron :Alexandra : Greek text, translation, commentary, and   introductionX/I545.22/LYC中心馆5楼
9781107689060M. Fabii Quintiliani Institutionis oratoriae .liber I X/H019/QUI/V.1中心馆5楼
978-3-5151-0425-8Memory and religious experience in the Greco-Roman worldX/B928-532/MRE中心馆5楼
9780472111992Miletos, the ornament of Ionia :a history of the city to 400 B.C.E.X/K374.9/GVB中心馆5楼
9781107124240Ming China and Vietnam :negotiating borders in Early Modern AsiaX/D822.333.3/BK中心馆5楼
9781785701764Moving on in Neolithic studies :understanding mobile livesX/D523.8/MNS中心馆5楼
978-0-6911-1458-3Myth and history in ancient Greece :the symbolic creation of a   colony X/B932.545/CC中心馆5楼
978-3-110-28182-8Narrating desire :eros, sex, and gender in the ancient novel X/I106.4/ND中心馆5楼
978-0-195-08345-3New comparative grammar of Greek and LatinX/H791.04/SAL中心馆5楼
978-0-5211-1772-2Octavia :a play attributed to SenecaX/I503.2/OCT中心馆5楼
978-0-5214-2518-6Oral tradition and written record in classical AthensX/H791-09/TR中心馆5楼
978-0-198-14388-8Oxford readings in Vergil's AeneidX/I546.072/ORV中心馆5楼
978-0-979975-86-8Papyrological texts in honor of Roger S. BagnallX/H028/PTH中心馆5楼
9781107526020Pericles and the conquest of history :a political biographyX/K125/SLJ中心馆5楼
978-0-198-14381-9Pindar's Paeans :a reading of the fragments with a survey of the   genre X/I545.072/PINd中心馆5楼
9780521760812Playing Hesiod :the 'myth of the races' in classical antiquityX/I545.072/NHV中心馆5楼
978-3-110-10922-1Poetae comici Graeci (PCG) .v. 1, Comoedia dorica mimi phlyaces XR/Z89:I545.3/PCG/V.1中心馆5楼
978-3-110-16949-2Poetae comici Graeci (PCG) .v. 1,Comoedia dorica mimi phlyaces XR/Z89:I545.3/PCG/V.1中心馆5楼
978-3-110-12840-6Poetae comici Graeci (PCG) .v. 2,Agathenor- aristonymus XR/Z89:I545.3/PCG/V.2中心馆5楼
978-3-110-09893-8Poetae comici Graeci (PCG) .v. 3,pt. 2, Aristophanes, testimonia et   FragmentaXR/Z89:I545.3/PCG/V.3:2中心馆5楼
978-3-110-02405-0Poetae comici Graeci (PCG) .v. 4,Aristophon--CrobylusXR/Z89:I545.3/PCG/V.4中心馆5楼
978-3-110-15825-0Poetae comici Graeci (PCG) .v. 6 pt 2,Menander, testimonia et Fragmenta   apud scriptores servata XR/Z89:I545.3/PCG/V.6:2中心馆5楼
978-3-110-12035-6Poetae comici Graeci (PCG) .v. 7,Menecrates--XenophonXR/Z89:I545.3/PCG/V.7中心馆5楼
978-3-110-14534-2Poetae comici Graeci (PCG) .v. 8,AdespotaXR/Z89:I545.3/PCG/V.8中心馆5楼
978-3-5987-1707-9Poetae epici graeci:testimonia et fragmenta.Pars 2, fasc. 1.Orphicorum et   Orphicis similium testimonia et fragmentaX/I545.072/PEG/V.2:1中心馆5楼
9780198143338Poetae melici Graeci :Alcmanis, Stesichori, Ibyci, Anacreontis,   Simonidis, Corinnae, poetarum minorum reliquias, carmina popularia et   convivialia quaeque adespota feruntur X/I545.2/PMG中心馆5楼
9783598717062Poetarum epicorum Graecorum :testimonia et 1X/I545.072/PEGp/V.1中心馆5楼
9780198140467Poetarum melicorum Graecorum fragmenta.v.1 Alcman. Stesichorus.   Ibycus X/I545.2/PMGD/V.1中心馆5楼
9780292722316Popular tyranny :sovereignty and its discontents in ancient GreeceX/D754.59/PT中心馆5楼
978-3-110-19543-9Porphyry's Homeric questions on the Iliad :text, translation,   commentary X/I545.072/POR中心馆5楼
978-0-5216-0441-3Posidonius. v. 2, The commentary. [pt.] I. Testimonia and fragments   1-149.X/B502.32/POS/V.2:1中心馆5楼
978-0-5216-2258-5Posidonius. v. 2, The commentary. [pt.] I. Testimonia and fragments   1-149. X/B502.32/POS/V.2:1中心馆5楼
978-0-5216-0442-0Posidonius. v. 2, The commentary. [pt.] I. Testimonia and fragments   1-149. X/B502.32/POS/V.2:1中心馆5楼
9780521604437Posidonius.v. 2,The commentary. [pt.] I. Testimonia and fragments 1-149.X/B502.32/POS/V.2:1中心馆5楼
9780521604413Posidonius.v. 3,The translation of the fragments.X中心馆5楼
9780521604253Posidonius.v.1,the fragmentsX/B502.32/POS-2中心馆5楼
978-9-00-416379-9Proclus' Commentary on the Cratylus in context :ancient theories of   language and naming X/B502.232/BRM中心馆5楼
9780521289900Pythian elevenX/I545.072/PINi中心馆5楼
9781603849944Race and ethnicity in the classical world :an anthology of primary   sources in translationX/K18/KRF中心馆5楼
978-0-5216-9852-8Reading Greek.Grammar and exercises.X/H791.34/RGG-2中心馆5楼
978-1-7829-7923-4reece, Macedon and Persia :studies in social, political and military   history in honour of Waldemar Heckel X/K835.457/GMP中心馆5楼
9788323338574Religion and politics in the Greco-Roman worldX/K12/RPG中心馆5楼
978-0-226-30659-9Renaissance self-fashioning :from More to Shakespeare X/I561.063/GSr中心馆5楼
9781785700958Roman Crete :New PerspectivesX/K885.458/RC中心馆5楼
978-1-107-40024-5Roman landscape :culture and identityX/TU986.654.6/SD中心馆5楼
978-0-5216-8722-5Roman oratoryX/H019/SCE中心馆5楼
978-1-909662-80-3Romanesque and the Mediterranean :points of contact aross the Latin,   Greek and Islamic worlds, c. 1000 to c. 1250 X/K13-532/BIR/y2012中心馆5楼
9781909662582Rome eternal :the city as fatherlandX/K126/LG中心馆5楼
9780061259180Scribblers, scvlptors, and scribes :a companion to Wheelock's Latin and   other introductory textbooksX/H771.94/LRA中心馆5楼
9781874350804Seabed prehistory :investigating the palaeogeography and early Middle   Palaeolithic archaeology in the southern North Sea X/K881.852/TL中心馆5楼
9780856687655Selected fragmentary plays.v.1,Hermione, Polyxene, The diners, Tereus,   Troilus, PhaedraX/I545.073/SOPs/V.1中心馆5楼
9780856688874selected fragmentary plays.v.2,The Epigoni or Eriphyle; Oenomaus;   Palamedes, Nauplios Katapleon (The arrival of Nauplius) and Nauplios Pyrkaeus   (Nauplius and the Beacon; Poimenes (The shepherds); Triptolemus.X/I545.073/SOPs/V.1中心馆5楼
978-0-198-14999-6Seven against ThebesX/I545.32/AESst中心馆5楼
978-0-198-12227-2Shakespearean negotiations :the circulation of social energy in   Renaissance EnglandX/I561.073/GSS中心馆5楼
9789462581159Sicily and the SeaX/K546.9/SS中心馆5楼
978-1-85399-642-9Sophocles :plays.TrachiniaeX/I545.32/SOPtj中心馆5楼
9780520231238Spartan reflectionsX/K545.9/CP中心馆5楼
9781107078345Stesichorus :the poemsX/I545.072/STE中心馆5楼
978-0-199-59561-7The Agamemnon of Aeschylus :a commentary for students X/I545.072/AESa中心馆5楼
9780804757553The ancient economy :evidence and modelsX/F091.1/AEM中心馆5楼
978-1-421-41129-3The Annals of Quintus Ennius and the Italic traditionX/I546.072/FJ中心馆5楼
978-1-107-01110-6The annals of Tacitus :Book 11 X/K126/TCta/V.2中心馆5楼
9780521609463The annals of Tacitus.Book 3 X/K126/TCt/V.3中心馆5楼
978-0-5216-0931-9The annals of Tacitus.Books 1-6.v. 1, Annals 1.1-54X/K126/TCt/V.1中心馆5楼
978-0-5216-0433-8The annals of Tacitus.Books 1-6.v. 1, Annals 1.1-54X/K126/TCt/V.1中心馆5楼
9780521622059The archaeology of ancient GreeceX/K885.45/WJ中心馆5楼
978-0-5216-0702-5The Caesarian and Augustan narrative (2.41-93)X/K126/VPH中心馆5楼
978-0-5215-3683-7The Cambridge companion to Herodotus X/I545.062/CCH中心馆5楼
9780856687402The children of HeraclesX/I545.32/EURl中心馆5楼
9780715627167The crooked kings of ancient Greece X/K545.2/OD中心馆5楼
978-1-421-40674-9The empire of the self :self-command and political speech in Seneca and   PetroniusX/I730.06/SC中心馆5楼
9780806141435The essentials of Greek grammar :a reference for intermediate readers of   Attic Greek X/H791.04/PL中心馆5楼
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