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serial   numbertitleresponsible personPublication Informationcall numbercollection time
52Blacks in   antiquity : Frank M. Snowden, Jr. Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, K12/SFM 2016-6-2 10:57
387The Nicomachean ethics / Aristotle ; translated by David Ross ; revised wit Oxford University Press, B502.233/ARIAA 2016-5-31 17:15
388Discipline and punish : Michel Foucault ; translated from the French by Al Vintage Books, D916.7/FM 2016-5-31 17:15
351A companion to the archaeology of religion in the ancient   world / edited by Rubina Raja and Jörg Rüpke. John Wiley & Sons Inc., B929/CAR 2016-5-31 17:16
354Erôs and the polis : edited by Ed Sanders. Institute of Classical Studies, I545.06/EP 2016-5-31 17:16
357Persuasive language in Cicero's Pro Milone : Lynn S. Fotheringham. Institute Of Classical Studies, School of Advanced H771/FLS 2016-5-31 17:16
346Worshiping women : edited by Nikolaos Kaltsas and Alan Shapiro. Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation (US B928.545/WW 2016-5-31 17:16
301Byzantine philosophy / Basil Tatakis ; translated with introduction by Ni Hackett Pub., B503/TVN 2016-5-31 17:16
302Techne - Texhne : Bd. 2,Von den Sophisten bis zu Aristoteles   / von Rufolf Löbl. Königshausen & Neumann, I545.06/LR/V.2 2016-5-31 17:16
303Griechische erstausgaben des Aldus Manutius : Martin Sicherl. F. Schöningh, G239.546.9/SM 2016-5-31 17:16
304Quaestiones super librum Posteriorum / Walter Burley ; edited by Mary Catherine Sommers. Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, B502.233/BW 2016-5-31 17:16
305Aristotle's Physics and its medieval varieties / Helen S. Lang. State University of New York Press, B502.233/LHS 2016-5-31 17:16
306Reflektierte Gegenwart : Walter Mesch. Klostermann, B016.9-09/MW 2016-5-31 17:16
321Oxford studies in ancient philosophy. v.48 / editor, Brad Inwood. Oxford University Press, B12/OSA/V.48 2016-5-31 17:16
300Aristoteles bei den Syrern von V -VIII. jahrhundert./ Anton Baumsrauk. Gorgias Pr Llc B502.233/BAA 2016-5-31 17:16
133Body and the East : curator of the exhibition, Zdenka Badovinac ; [ure MIT Press, J151.095/BE 2016-6-2 10:58
12Introduction   to Attic Greek / Donald J. Mastronarde. University of California   Press, H791.4/MDJ-2 2016-6-16 15:56
16A companion to ancient Egyptian art / edited by Melinda Hartwig. Wiley, J141.109.2/CAE 2016-6-16 15:56
28A companion to Mediterranean history / edited by Peregrine Horden and Sharon Kinoshita. Wiley Blackwell, K10/CMH 2016-6-16 15:56

1576From Egypt   to Mesopotamia : Samuel Mark. Texas A & M University   Press, K869/MS 2016-6-30 17:28
1577A global history of war : Gérard Chaliand ; translated by Michele Mangin-Wo University of California Press, E19/CG 2016-6-30 17:28
1578Environmental problems of the Greeks and Romans : J. Donald Hughes. The Johns Hopkins University Press, Q988/HJD-2 2016-6-30 17:28
1579Athenian tragedy in performance : Melinda Powers. University of Iowa Press, J809.198.4/PM 2016-6-30 17:28
1580Degrees of inequality : Ann L. Mullen. Johns Hopkins University Press, G649.712/MAL 2016-6-30 17:28
1581Commentary on the cuneiform inscriptions of Babylonia and   Assyria : Henry Creswicke Rawlinson. Cambridge University Press, K124/RHC 2016-6-30 17:28
1582Travels in Assyria, Media, and Persia / James Silk, Buckingham. Cambridge University Press, K937.09/BJS/V. 2016-6-30 17:28
1583Narrative of a residence in Koordistan, and on the site of   ancient Nineveh : Claudius James Rich. Cambridge University Press, K937.09/RCJ/V. 2016-6-30 17:28
1584The edges of the earth in ancient thought : James S. Romm. Princeton University Press, I109.2/RJS 2016-6-30 17:28
1603Learn to read Latin / Andrew Keller, Stephanie Russell. Yale University Press, H771.4/KA-2 2016-6-30 16:59
1647世界简史 (英)H.G.威尔斯(HerbertGeorge Wells)著 新世界出版社 K109/W524(4) 2016-6-30 16:27
303西塞羅文錄 西塞羅著 
I546.62/X136X 2016-7-6 16:12
349希臘英雄傳 金斯萊著 開明書店 I561.88/J842X 2016-7-6 16:11

9780198713869Proxeny and PolisX/D854.59/MWJ中心馆5楼
9780415732321Byzantine Readings Of Ancient   HistoriansX/K134/BRA中心馆5楼
9781107071971Law and Power in the Making of   the Roman CommonwealthX/D954.61/CCL中心馆5楼
9780691154596Pericles of AthensX/K835.457/AV中心馆5楼
9780520277168Laughter In Ancient RomeX/B842.6/BM中心馆5楼
9789004249523Ancient Egyptian administrationX/K411.2/AEA中心馆5楼
978-0-415-67711-0Memory and HistoryX/K06/MH/1中心馆5楼
978-1-409-45744-2Between constantinople and romeX/B971/MK/1中心馆5楼
978-0-6311-9602-0Archaeology as cultural   history X/K885.451.4/MI/1中心馆5楼
978-1-107-03519-5The hesiodic catalogue of women   and archaic greeceX/I545.072/OK/1中心馆5楼
978-1-472-41473-1Cult Places and Cult Personnel   in the Roman EmpireX/B979.546/FD/1中心馆5楼
9783110339031Orientalism, Gender, and the   JewsX/K508/OGJ中心馆5楼
9780198723318Seneca on SocietyX/B502.43/GMT中心馆5楼
9780199684960Medieval RomeX/K546.9/WC/900-1150中心馆5楼
9780198718321Stage of EmergencyX/J809.545/VSG/1967-1974中心馆5楼
9781409400554Dreaming in Byzantium and BeyondX/K134/DBB中心馆5楼
9789004248403The Military And Colonial   Destruction Of The Roman Landscape Of North AfricaX/K415.4/GM/1830-1900中心馆5楼
9781409470335Iconoclasm from Antiquity to   ModernityX/J0/IAM中心馆5楼
9781138826212Persian language, literature and   culture :new leaves, fresh looksX/I373.065/PLL中心馆5楼
9781107028173Libertas and the practice of   politics in the late Roman RepublicX/D091.2/AV中心馆5楼
9781107038639The ruin of Roman Britain :an   archaeological perspectiveX/K561.2/GJ中心馆5楼
9780500252048Cities that shaped the ancient   world X/K868/CSA中心馆5楼
9780754667520Pseudo-Kodinos and the   Constantinopolitan court :offices and ceremoniesX/K134/PSE中心馆5楼
9781107023208Campus Martius :the Field of   Mars in the life of ancient RomeX/TU-095.46/JPW中心馆5楼
9781118412503Thinking, recording, and writing   history in the ancient worldX/K062/TRW中心馆5楼
9781107018402The mosaics of Roman Crete :art,   archaeology and social change X/K885.459/SRJ中心馆5楼
9781138776678The Romans :an introductionX/K126/KA-3中心馆5楼
9781107027121The metallurgy of Roman silver   coinage :from the reform of Nero to the reform of TrajanX/K885.465.6/BK中心馆5楼
9781107027602Community and identity in   ancient Egypt :the Old Kingdom cemetery at Qubbet el-HawaX/K884.118.8/VD中心馆5楼
9780199535668The histories /X/K545.2/HERHo中心馆5楼
9781883357511Commentary on Aristotle's   Nicomachean ethics X/B502.233/ASTa-2中心馆5楼
9781138836402Justinian X/K134/MJ中心馆5楼
9780521840262The Cambridge manual of Latin   epigraphyX/K867.2-62/CA中心馆5楼
9789004269101Brill's companion to George   Grote and the classical tradition X/K09/BCG中心馆5楼
9781421415857The day Commodus killed a rhino   :understanding the Roman gamesX/G815.469/TJP中心馆5楼
9781107031722Emperors and bishops in late   Roman invectiveX/B979/FR中心馆5楼
9781107001633The Jewish-Greek tradition in   antiquity and the Byzantine EmpireX/K103/JTA中心馆5楼
9780198149422A commentary on the Aristotelian Athenaion PoliteiX/B502.233/RPJ法学分馆
9780393971675Thucydides: The Peloponnesian War, a new translation,   backgrounds, interpretations.X/PWT/K512北区外文保存本
9780500281093The Greeks overseas: Their early colonies and tradeX/F755.459/BJ-4北区外文保存本
9780521233477he Cambridge ancient history. Vol. 5: The fifth century BC. 2d   edX/K12/CAH-2/V.5中心馆5楼