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2086Neighbours and successors of Rome : edited by Daniel Keller, Jennifer Price and Caroli Oxbow Books, F416.71-09/NSR 2016-4-27 15:061月1日
2088Artifacts from ancient Rome / James B. Tschen-Emmons. Greenwood, an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, K885.46/TJB 2016-4-27 15:061月1日
2094Bookrolls and scribes in Oxyrhynchus / William A. Johnson. University of Toronto Press, G256.1-095.45/JWA 2016-4-27 15:061月1日
2095The neolithic settlement of Knossos in Crete : edited by Nikos Efstratiou, Alexandra Karetsou, an INSTAP Academic Press, K885.451.13/NSK 2016-4-27 15:061月1日
2096Learn to read Greek. Pt. 2: textbook / Andrew Keller, Stephanie Russell. Yale University Press, H791.34/KAA/V.2 2016-4-27 15:061月1日
2097When the Greeks ruled Egypt : edited by Roberta Casagrande-Kim ; with contributi Institute for the Study of the Ancient World at Ne J141.109.2/WGR 2016-4-27 15:061月1日
2107The art and archaeology of ancient Greece / Judith M. Barringer. Cambridge University Press, J154.509.2/BJM 2016-4-27 15:061月1日
2114Ethics after Aristotle : Brad Inwood. Harvard University Press, B82-09/IB 2016-4-27 15:061月1日
2140Perception, conscience and will in ancient philosophy / Richard Sorabji. Ashgate Variorum, B502.233/SR 2016-4-27 15:061/0
2156The bronze age / by V. Gordon Childe. The University Press, K861.3/CVG 2016-4-27 15:051/0
2192Cicero's use of judicial theater / Jon Hall. University of Michigan Press, H019/HJC 2016-4-27 15:051/0
2193The 'Hippocratic' corpus : Elizabeth M. Craik. Routledge, R-095.45/CEM 2016-4-27 15:051/0
2199Geographies of tourism : Julie Wilson, Salvador Anton Clavé, editors, Rovi Emerald Group Publishing Limited, F595.099/GT 2016-4-27 15:051/0
2210Status in classical Athens / Deborah Kamen. Princeton University Press, K545.9/KD 2016-4-27 15:051/0
2227Inscriptions and their uses in Greek and Latin literature   / edited by Peter Liddel and Polly Low. Oxford University Press, I545.06/ITU 2016-4-27 15:051/0
2229Conserving and managing ancient monuments : Keith Emerick. The Boydell Press, TU-87/EK 2016-4-27 15:051/0
2230Ancient Syria : Trevor Bryce. Oxford university press, K376.2/BT 2016-4-27 15:051/0
2231Presenting the Romans : edited by Nigel Mills. The Boydell Press, K868/PR 2016-4-27 15:051/0
2232Public participation in archaeology / edited by Suzie Thomas and Joanne Lea. The Boydell Press, K85-05/PPA 2016-4-27 15:051/0
2244Encyclopaedism from antiquity to the Renaissance / edited by Jason König and Greg Woolf. Cambridge University Press, Z2-09/EAR 2016-4-27 15:051/0
2247Archaeology, artifacts and antiquities of the ancient Near   East : by Oscar White Muscarella. Brill, K883.7/MOW 2016-4-27 15:051/0
2248East Anglia and its North Sea world in the Middle Ages   / edited by David Bates and Robert Liddiard. Boydell Press, K885.61/EAN 2016-4-27 15:051/0
2252Egypt, Greece, and Rome : Charles Freeman. Oxford University Press, K12/FC-3 2016-4-27 15:051/0
2261Aristocratic vice : Donna T. Andrew. Yale University Press, D756.188-09/ADT 2016-4-27 15:041/0
2262Empire of extinction : Ryan Tucker Jones, Senior Lecturer, Department of  Oxford University Press, Q958.123/JRT 2016-4-27 15:041/0
2264Themistius, Julian and Greek political theory under Rome   : Simon Swain. Cambridge University Press, D091.2/SS 2016-4-27 15:041/0
2270The Ptolemies, the sea and the Nile : edited by Kostas Buraselis, Mary Stefanou and Doro Cambridge University Press, E411.9/PSN 2016-4-27 15:041/0
2272The Cambridge introduction to travel writing / Tim Youngs, Nottingham Trent University. Cambridge University Press, I106.6/YT 2016-4-27 15:041/0
2273Dissidence and literature under Nero : Vasily Rudich. Routledge, I546.06/RV 2016-4-27 15:041/0
2279Tourism, environment and ecology in the Mediterranean Region   / edited by Recep Efe and Münir Öztürk. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, F590/TEE 2016-4-27 15:041/0
2288Migration and empire / Marjory Harper and Stephen Constantine. Oxford University Press, D523.8-09/HM 2016-4-27 15:041/0
2289Roman panorama : Humphrey Cross-Hodge. Cambridge University press, K126/GH 2016-4-27 15:041/0
2295Loeb classical library. LCL 28,Theocritus, Moschus, Bion   / edited and translated by Neil Hopkinson. Harvard University Press, C51/LCL/V.28 2016-4-27 15:041/0
2302The Trojan legend in medieval Scottish literature / Emily Wingfield. D.S. Brewer, I561.063/WE 2016-4-27 15:041/0
2308The forgotten scholar : edited by Karen Ascani, Paola Buzi and Daniela Pic Brill, K835.34/ZG 2016-4-27 15:041/0
1Middle   English texts in transition   : edited by Simon Horobin &     Linne Mooney. York Medieval Press, I561.063/METH 2016-4-27 15:041/0
12The Cambridge companion to Aristotle's   Nicomachean ethics   / edited by Ronald Polansky,   Duquesne University, Pi Cambridge University   Press, B502.233/CCAN 2016-4-27 15:041/0
16Knowledge, democracy and action : edited by Budd L. Hall, Edward   T. Jackson, Rajesh  Manchester University   Press, G646/KDA 2016-4-27 15:041/0
17Discursive ideologies : C.H. Knoblauch. Utah State University   Press, H05/KCH 2016-4-27 15:041/0
1031Between Constantinople and Rome : Kathleen Maxwell. Ashgate, B971/MK 2016-4-11 17:241月1日
1409上古音及相关问题综合研究:以复辅音声母为中心 庞光华著 暨南大学出版社 H111/P092 2016-4-1 8:581月1日
8From the Romans to the railways : Michael Greenhalgh. Brill, G137.42/GM 2016-4-27 15:041/0
26The theory of motion in Plato's later   dialogues / by J.B. Skemp. Cambridge University   Press, B502.232/SJB 2016-4-27 15:041/0
33The Theban plays / Sophocles ; translated with   introductions by Peter Cornell University Press, I545.32/SOPP 2016-4-27 15:041/0
40Religious men and masculine identity in the   Middle Ages   / edited by P.H. Cullum and   Katherine J. Lewis. Boydell & Brewer, B979.5/RMM 2016-4-27 15:041/0
817忏悔录 (古罗马)奥古斯丁著 商务印书馆 B503.1/A760 2016-4-21 9:231月1日
1057宇宙论 (古希腊)亚里士多德著 商务印书馆 P159/Y021 2016-4-14 10:331月1日
1303卢浮宫 (法)布列-布提著 北京美术摄影出版社 J431/B414 2016-4-8 8:341/0