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465Augustine and the Trinity /Lewis Ayres.Cambridge University Press,B503.1/AL2016-1-8  AM 10:51:031/0
478Social change and education in greece :Spyros Themelis.Palgrave Macmillan,G554.59/TS2016-1-8 10:501/0
3943The Trojan War :Eric H. Cline.Oxford University Press,K125/CEH2015-12-31 17:301/0
3973The mirror of Herodotus :François Hartog ; translated by Janet Lloyd.University of California Press,K12/HF2015-12-31 17:301/0
3975Demosthenes de corona /edited by W.W. Goodwin.Bristol Classical Press,I545.62/DEMD2015-12-31 17:301/0
3976Five speeches :Lysias ; edited with introduction, commentary andBristol Classical Press,I545.06/LYSF2015-12-31 17:301/0
3977Tales from Herodotus /edited and selected for easy Greek.Bristol Classical Press,K125/HERT2015-12-31 17:301/0
3978Oeconomicus VII-XIII /Xenophon; edited with introduction,commentary andBristol Classical Press,I545.62/XEN2015-12-31 17:301/0
3979Olynthiacs /Demosthenes ; edited with introduction, commentaryBristol Classical Press,H791/DEMO2015-12-31 17:301/0
3980Encomium of Helen /Gorgias ; edited, with introduction, notes and traBristol Classical,B502.22/GOR2015-12-31 17:301/0
3981Plutarch Life of Pericles :A. J.Podlecki;with introduction and commentary byBristol Classical Press,K835.457/PAJ2015-12-31 17:301/0
3982Against Meidias :edited with introduction, translation and commentaBristol Classical,H791/DEM2015-12-31 17:301/0
3983Plutarch :J.R. Hamilton ; foreword and bibliography by PhiliBristol Classical ; Available in USA and Canada frK835.457/HJR-22015-12-31 17:301/0
3984Herodotus. Book I /Herodotus ; edited with introduction and notes byBristol Classical Press,K125/HER/V.12015-12-31 17:301/0
3985Cyclops of Euripides /edited with introduction and commentary by R.A.S.Bristol Classical Press,I545.32/EURC2015-12-31 17:301/0
3986Ecclesiazusae /Aristophanes ; edited with introduction and commenBristol Classical Press,I545.32/ARIE2015-12-31 17:301/0
3987The masters of truth in Archaic Greece /Marcel Detienne ; foreword by Pierre Vidal-NaquetZone Books ;B502.21/DM2015-12-31 17:301/0
3992The master of signs :Alexander Hollmann.Center for Hellenic Studies ; Distributed by HarvaI545.062/HA2015-12-31 17:291/0
3994Myth and thought among the Greeks /Jean-Pierre Vernant.Zone Books ; Distributed by MIT Press,B502/VJP2015-12-31 17:291/0
Pursuits of wisdom :John M. Cooper.Princeton University Press,B12/CJM2016-1-8 10:501/0