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西南大学图书馆古典文明研究新书通讯(11月 上旬)
(发布日期: 2016-03-03 11:06:53  阅读:次)    


977The story of aeneas :Henry S. Salt.Cambridge University Press,I12/SHS2015-11-4 17:061/0
978The olynthiac speeches of demosthenes /Demosthenes, J. M. MacGregor.Cambridge University Press,I545.62/DEMO2015-11-4 17:061/0
979The avocado :edited by Bruce Schaffer, B. Nigel Wolstenholme, ACABI,Q949.747.5/AVO-22015-11-4 17:061/0
980Pseudo-Euripides, Rhesus /edited with introduction and commentary by Almut FDe Gruyter,I545.073/PER2015-11-4 17:061/0
984The "Sacred History" of Euhemerus of Messene /Marek Winiarczyk ; translated from Polish by WitolDe Gruyter,I546.062/WM2015-11-4 17:061/0
985Virginia Woolf :edited by Jeanne Dubino, Gill Lowe, Vara Neverow,Edinburgh University Press,I561.065/VWV2015-11-4 17:061/0
1033Cosmology and the polis :Richard Seaford.Cambridge University Press,I545.062/SR2015-11-4 17:061/0
1034Between medieval men :David Clark.Oxford University Press,I561.063/CD2015-11-4 17:061/0
1087The early textual history of Lucretius' De rerum natura /David Butterfield.Cambridge University Press,I546.072/BDJ2015-11-4 17:051/0
1088Dictionary of medieval Latin from British sources. v.17,Syr-Z /prepared by R. E. Latham under the direction of aPublished for the British Academy by Oxford UniverH771.6/DML/V.172015-11-4 17:051/0
70Stone tools in the Paleolithic and Neolithic near East :John J. Shea, Stony Brook University.Cambridge University Press,K883.701.1/SJJ/GUIDE2015-11-4 17:061/0
1114Initiation into the mysteries of the ancient world /Jan N. Bremmer.De Gruyter,B986/BJN2015-11-4 17:051/0
1115Envy and jealousy in classical Athens :Ed Sanders.Oxford University Press,I545.06/SE2015-11-4 17:051/0
1116The relationship between Herodotus' history and primary history /by Sara Mandell and David Noel Freedman.Scholars Press,K125/MS2015-11-4 17:051/0
1120Herodotus and the philosophy of empire /Ann Ward.Baylor University Press,K12/WA2015-11-4 17:051/0
1125The commerce between the Roman Empire and India/by E. H. Warmington.Cambridge University Press,F755.469/WEH2015-11-4 17:051/0
1127The ancient world :T.R. Glover.Cambridge University press,K12/GTR2015-11-4 17:051/0
1130Matrices of genre :edited by Mary Depew & Dirk Obbink.Harvard University Press,I109.2/MG2015-11-4 17:051/0
1132Roman slavery and Roman material culture /edited by Michele George.University of Toronto Press,K126/RSR2015-11-4 17:051/0
1133Silence in Catullus /Benjamin Eldon Stevens.The University of Wisconsin Press,I546.072/SBE2015-11-4 17:051/0
1144The traffic in praise :Leslie Kurke.California Classical Studies,I545.072/KL2015-11-4 17:051/0
1145Reading Herodotus :Debra Hamel.The Johns Hopkins University Press,K095.45/HD2015-11-4 17:051/0
150Herodotus and the road to history /by Jeanne Bendick ; pictures by the author.Bethlehem Books ; Ignatius Press,K125-49/BJ2015-11-4 17:051/0
1153A companion to Greek democracy and the Roman republic /edited by Dean Hammer.Wiley Blackwell,D754.59/CGD2015-11-4 17:051/0
1163State power in ancient China and Rome /edited by Walter Scheidel.Oxford University Press,K12/SPA2015-11-4 17:051/0
1171Women and pilgrimage in medieval Galicia /edited by Carlos Andrés González-Paz (InstitutoAshgate,B979.551/WPM2015-11-4 17:051/0
1173Gender, manumission, and the Roman freedwoman /Matthew J. Perry, Assistant Professor of History,Cambridge University Press,K126/PMJ2015-11-4 17:051/0
1174Greek votive offerings :William Henry Denham Rouse.Cambridge University Press,K895.459.8/RWH2015-11-4 17:051/0
1175Democracy and the rule of law in classical Athens :Edward M. Harris.Cambridge University Press,D954.59/HEM2015-11-4 17:051/0
180The consul at Rome :Francisco Pina Polo.Cambridge University Press,K126/PPF2015-11-4 17:051/
1182Rome, Polybius and the East /Peter Derow ; edited by Andrew Erskine and JosephiOxford University Press,K126/DP2015-11-4 17:051/0
1189The author in Middle Byzantine literature :edited by Aglae Pizzone.De Gruyter,I109.3/AMB2015-11-4 17:041/0
1193Early Greek relative clauses /Philomen Probert.Oxford University Press,H791/PP2015-11-4 17:041/0
1221Julius Caesar /Andrew James Hartley.Manchester University Press ; distributed in the UI561.073/HAJ2015-11-4 17:041/0
1224The odyssey /Homer ; translated by Martin Hammond ; with an intBloomsbury,I545.072/HOMA2015-11-4 17:041/0